Activate Fancyflix

How to install your Android FancyFlix App.


  1. Once registered with BRB Bank then DA5 will provide the subscriber the URL and enter the following:

         >   Name – First and Last
         >   Telephone number (same one used to register with BRB Bank)
         >   Email Address (same one used to register with BRB Bank)
         >   Unique Username (no restrictions)
         >   Unique Password (no restrictions)

         Press Submit Button to confirm username & password are available.
  2. Download the FancyFlix app from Google Play by using the search word FancyFlix.
  3. Look for the FancyFlix icon to ensure you have the correct app.
  4. Once the app is installed on your device the icon will look like this.
    Open your FancyFlix app and enter the following:
         >   The Unique Username Created During Registration Process
         >   The Unique Password Created During Registration Process
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